Hildegardt 7

Historische Informationen:

The Wayfarer-class was designed with a detachable portside section originally intended for modular reconfiguration, allowing it to load a passenger section, a hangar bay, or cargo module into an armature extending from the starboard section. Production costs forced Kuat Systems Engineering to scale back their plans and create only the hangar bay module, which served as cargo space for most owners, who generally did not carry or store starfighters. A few prototypes and custom builds of other modules existed, but were hard to find, limited primarily to bulk commerce corporate shipping operations centered on well-developed metropolitan planets like Coruscant.

The versatility offered by the detachable module was initially exciting, until it was revealed that the armature could not accept standard cargo containers. This, combined with a high price tag, ensured the demise of the Wayfarer-class’s production. Despite the flaws that kept the Wayfarer from becoming a huge commercial success, the ship’s versatility made it a well-rounded vessel.

Schiff Spezifikationen:

Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering
Class: Medium transport
Cost: 140,000 credits(new) / 50,000 credits(used)
Length: 82 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere): 830 km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 2.0
Backup: class 14
Armament: Quad laser cannon
Crew: 5
Passengers: 6
Cargo capacity: 220 metric tons
Consumables: 3 months
Hard Points: 5

Zusätzlich eingebaute Systeme:

  • Atmospheric Shield (200 meter radius)

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